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Understanding Matthew 6:8 – A Verse on God’s Knowledge and Our Prayers

    Matthew 6:8 reveals a truth about prayer and our connection to God. In this verse, Jesus instructs his followers on how God knows our needs and desires before we even ask him. Let’s examine the significance of Matthew 6:8 and discover what it means for our faith journey.

    The Context of Matthew 6:8

    To fully grasp the meaning of Matthew 6:8, it’s essential to understand its context within the larger passage. This verse is part of the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus shares profound teachings with his disciples and the crowds gathered around him.

    In the preceding verses, Jesus cautions against hypocritical prayers and encourages his followers to pray with sincerity and humility. He advises them to avoid using vain repetitions and to approach God with a genuine heart. The basis of the teaching is that you should not pray to impress others. It is God that you are praying to and He knows your prayers and requests before you even ask Him.


    The Meaning of Matthew 6:8

    Now, let’s focus on the specific words of Matthew 6:8: “Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” This verse highlights the omniscience of God, emphasizing that He already knows our needs before we even present them to Him in prayer.

    Jesus contrasts the way hypocrites pray with how believers should approach prayer. Hypocrites often believe that their prayers will be answered based on the number of words spoken or the repetition of phrases. However, Jesus reminds his disciples that God’s knowledge surpasses any human understanding. He knows our needs even before we express them.

    The Implications for Our Prayers

    Understanding that God knows our needs before we ask may raise questions about the purpose of prayer. If God already knows what we need, why should we bother praying?

    Prayer is not solely about informing God of our desires or needs. It is a channel through which we communicate with Him, expressing our love, gratitude, and dependence on Him. It is an opportunity for us to align our hearts with His will and seek His guidance and wisdom.

    When we pray, we enter into a relationship with God, acknowledging our reliance on Him as our Heavenly Father. It is an act of surrender and trust, recognizing that God’s understanding surpasses our own and His plans are ultimately for our good.

    If I were to therefore ask whether it is better to pray or to praise, I would say without a shadow of doubt that you should praise and praise constantly. When you really start praising God for everything, bot good and bad, you will really begin to see the hand of God moving in your life.

    Praying with Faith and Trust

    Matthew 6:8 encourages us to approach prayer with faith and trust. Knowing that God already knows our needs should not discourage us from praying. Instead, it should deepen our trust in His wisdom and timing.

    Through prayer, we invite God to work in our lives and circumstances. We express our desires, concerns, and hopes, while also surrendering them to His perfect will. Prayer is an act of faith, believing that God hears us and will respond according to His loving and sovereign purposes.


    Matthew 6:8 reminds us of the profound truth that God knows our needs even before we articulate them. It teaches us to approach prayer with sincerity, humility, and trust. Our Heavenly Father desires a relationship with us and invites us to bring our joys, worries, and desires to Him in prayer. Let us embrace the gift of prayer and seek God’s presence and guidance in every aspect of our lives.

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